About St. Albans


Perhaps the most striking sight in St Albans has to be the majesty of the town's imposing cathedral, whose tower contains bricks salvaged from the ruins of the second city in Roman Britain - Verulamium - that stood on the town's present site. In fact there are a whole host Roman ruins and related exhibitions, showcasing the region's important role in Roman Britain, to enjoy.

Contained within the cathedral is the shrine of St Alban himself, supposedly Britain's first Christian martyr, which draws visiting pilgrims from around the world.

One of St Albans' most envied educational institutions is also one of the oldest of its type in Britain - St Albans School was established in the 10th century and has, since then, become one of the most respected private schools in the country, teaching the likes of renowned physicist Stephen Hawking and even a 12th century Pope.

As a town in which to enjoy yourself, if sheer concentration of licensed premises is any guide, St Albans is one of the best: the town boasts more public houses per square mile than almost anywhere else in the country.

Alongside this, the town also has a claim to England's oldest pub - a one-time dovecote that was converted in the 14th century to become what is now 'Ye Olde Fighting Cocks' - which, as the name suggests, was a venue for local cock-fights. The inside of the pub itself is full of all the character and traditional details you would expect (horse brasses, original ironwork fittings) and, with its octagonal shape, real fire and low roof beams, offers a homely, friendly, comfortable kind of atmosphere.